My name is Ethar Balkhair, a Saudi Artist and Creative Collaborator based in Jeddah.
Throughout my work, I portray the diverse female figures in the region, use vibrant color palettes  and exaggerated elements, to convey the strength and intense emotions, and tell a story. My work is influenced by the energy, emotions, and moods things as culture, fashion, travel, architecture, and mostly by nature.  My muse for illustrations is driven by my passion for subtle beauty & women empowerment.My experience revolves around Branding, Creative Consultation, Illustrations, and concept creation. 
I love to explore heritage patterns through textiles. 
Sephora, Vogue Arabia, Shada Hotel, Off-White, Bobbi Brown, Nagwa, Amused, 
OUC, Tsuno, Tudor, Carolina Herrera, Nivea, Tumi, Mirza
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