I am Ethar Balkhair, a Saudi Artist and Creative Collaborator based in Jeddah.
Ehar Balkhair is a Saudi artist and art director based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Her art showcases her story's diverse and exaggerated natural elements and the rich culture of her hometown of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. Since a young age, she has used art as a means of freedom and expression, developing her visual language and narrative. 
Her art reflects a connection with others through stories and exaggerated elements, conveying strength and intense emotions. Known for their subtle beauty and celebration of women's empowerment, her illustrations inspire intensity and diversity. Her work has been recognized by the local community and international luxury brands, particularly in the culture, fashion, interiors, and art industries. Ethar's muse for illustrations is driven by her passion for subtle beauty and women's empowerment.
"As a Saudi multidisciplinary artist from Jeddah, my approach to art is fueled by a passion for creativity, culture, and fashion. The vibrant colors of Jeddah influence my work, reflecting the city's artistic spirit. My heritage, hometown, art, sea, fashion, arches, architecture, and "Al-Balad," Jeddah's historic heart, have always influenced my creations."
Her work portrays diverse female figures using vibrant color palettes and exaggerated elements to convey strength and intense emotions, telling a story. The inspiration for her illustrations comes from her passion for subtle beauty, women's empowerment, energy, emotions, moods, culture, fashion, travel, architecture, and nature. Her experience encompasses branding, creative consultation, illustrations, concept creation, and exploring heritage patterns through textiles.
Sephora, Vogue Arabia, Shada Hotel, Off-White, Bobbi Brown, Nagwa, Amused, OUC, Tsuno, Tudor, Carolina Herrera, 
Nivea, Tumi, Mirza, F1, Harvey Nichols, Saudia Airline, Abyat, Diriyah Gate Development, Hia Hub.
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